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The history of martial arts as a self defense is filled with stories of how the spirit, the mind and the body need to come together as a unit to accomplish extraordinary feats. None of the physical visible performances match the behind the scene disciplines of a martial artists. As you choose your art and your training equipment remember to need to bring together all parts of you.

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The art of war is one way to describe martial arts. Aggression and self-defense are two parts of war.

There are dozens of major martial arts and hundreds of subsets of them are practiced around the world from Aikido to Wing Chun.

Practitioners who are fortunate enough to have a choice as in US are attracted to each art for the unique variety they offer.

If you have a choice , look for the self-defense programs that are not necessarily impressive but  those that match your needs and personality as a whole.

For a timid person learning to be aggressive may not work well especially when in the time of need inherent timidity will come to the surface. The same timid person could be devastating in with a self-defense style that is built around passivity.

 It takes self-awareness to use your strengths to your advantage as your shore up your weakness. 

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